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Commercial And Industrial Development Sites Commercial and industrial real estate development projects involve unique and specific demands, requirements, and processes, as anyone who has spent much time working with these sorts of projects will tell you.

Though technically the same field as residential real estate development, commercial and industrial real estate development differ significantly, as will your needs when pursuing these projects. In addition, the process of buying, selling, and/or investing in commercial and industrial real estate sites and associated development projects can be incredibly complicated and stressful, as they are often riddled with unknown factors and potential pitfalls.

This is why it is essential to hire an experienced, knowledgeable attorney commercial and industrial development attorney. The right attorney can be especially helpful if brought onboard during the beginning stages, when you are still dealing with commercial and industrial development sites. In New York, NY, the man to call for help and counsel with these projects is Attorney Roger Pierro at the Pierro Law Group, PLCC.

A member of the American Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, and the Queens County Bar Association, Attorney Pierro has over three decades of experience in commercial and industrial real estate development projects. His client roster has included major corporations and financial institutions as well as individuals and small businesses. He has an extensive knowledge base and skillset in the laws surrounding researching, selecting, negotiating, purchasing, and developing commercial and industrial real estate sites, as well as mortgage and UCC lien foreclosures. He also offers experienced, well-versed legal counsel to commercial trade waste companies, advising on purchase and sale as well as business operations, land use, and regulations. Additionally, Attorney Pierro is an expert in matters involving the NYC Business Integrity Commission (BIC), and can offer extremely high-level counsel to individuals, companies, and businesses in approaching BIC-related regulations and other matter.

I am interested in pursuing a commercial or industrial real estate development project, specifically pertaining to commercial or industrial real estate site development. How can Attorney Pierro help me?

Attorney Pierro and the Pierro Law Group can help you with every aspect of the commercial and industrial site development process. Whether you are an old hand, a brand-new novice, or something in-between, Attorney Pierro can offer a full suite of services that will keep you informed and protected throughout the process, as well as greatly enhancing your chances of success.

Services and areas of focus offered by Attorney Pierro include:

  • Site Research and Selection, with an eye toward land use law
  • Land Acquisitions, including financing, deal and contract negotiations, closings, sales, and leasing.
  • Site Plan Drafting, including site plan coordination, development, and drafting for a wide range of commercial and/or industrial development projects
  • Zoning Issues, including obtaining zoning permits, negotiating and executing rezoning, and handling special land use.
  • Environmental Compliance, including thorough compliance testing and maintaining general compliance in accordance with various environmental and conservation regulations.
  • Negotiating Easements, including access easements, reciprocal easements, utility easements, conservation easements, and more.
  • Site Development, including operations and operational agreements, construction negotiations and agreements, and development in both rural/farmland and urban sites.
  • Green Consulting, including providing insight in how you can help your development project and your bottom line by incorporating green building technology.
  • Resource Rights, including guidance on assessing and securing wind rights, oil and gas rights, and mineral rights.
  • Local, State, and Federal Program Navigation, including guidance through various legislative measures, both new and long-standing, and consultation on how to pursue various local, state, federal incentive packages.
  • Tax Issues, including legal counsel on tax matters related to commercial and industrial development.
  • Public-Private Partnerships, including help developing relationships and partnerships between you and leaders in the community around your site location.
  • Commercial and Industrial Development Litigation, including expert legal counsel and case-building if disputes ever reach the point that litigation becomes useful or necessary.

When you set out to develop a piece of commercial or industrial property, you are setting out on a new adventure. In order to ensure that this new adventure has the best possible outcome, it is absolutely in your best interest to hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful guide. With over 32 years of experience under his belt, Attorney Pierro knows commercial and industrial development, and knows what it takes to fully support a client undertaking a commercial or industrial development project.

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