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Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate TransactionsThe Right Information up Front, Makes Your Property Your Home and Your Asset Management On Track. The Pierro Law Group is the first place to go to when researching your real estate purchase and/or sale. Assisting upstate and downstate New York home buyers and sellers for nearly over years.

Areas of Concentration:

  • City Living including homes, cooperatives and condominiums as well as investment properties, and rentals.
  • Suburban/Upstate including family homes, investment properties, summer and winter vacation homes.

Residential Real Estate

The Pierro Law Group PLLC ‘s founder Roger Pierro, Jr. has nearly thirty years experience in guiding businesses and individuals with their legal real estate needs. Understanding today’s market is key to capitalizing on growth and opportunity. Negotiations are seemless and quicker as experience and knowledge matter. Always accessible, we will be your advocate as we stay with you in the decision making process all the way to closing.

What Is Clear Title? How Could It Affect My Commercial Real Estate Transaction?

On the seller’s side, clear title allows you to convey title to the property, which is in the form of a deed that does not have any liens or encumbrances; Such liens are a monetary lien or a financial lien created by a mortgage. Those must be cleared up, and conversely, for a purchaser, clear title is what they would be getting if they don’t take it subject to liens unless it’s been negotiated that they take it subject to any liens. Often, in commercial real estate transactions, there tend to larger parcels of land that might have been aggregated over time with various uses that could be filings against the property that need to be cleared by a seller. That is part of what the seller’s attorney would examine once the client shares the status of the property. Viewing the title report is a critical part of the process, as well as getting an idea of what the situation is at that moment in time to get out in front of the issues. Read More

What Happens At The Closing Of A Commercial Real Estate Transaction?

The seller’s and buyer’s representatives are present. If we want to talk about pre-COVID, there is a host of people. However, now it is just the attorneys, the title company, and the representative from each side. Then the title search is run right up until the moment of closing, and it’s known as the continuation search to ensure nothing popped up “overnight” and money passes across the table. If there is financing going on with the purchaser, they are signing their loan documents and working with their bank, and at the end of the process, either checks or wire transfers are made, title (the Deed) is passed, keys are transferred, and the transaction is then considered closed. Read More

What Aspects Of Real Estate Transactions Does Your Firm Handle For Commercial Clients?

Our firm handles all legal aspects of real estate transactions. We handle contract review and negotiation, review any engineering and environmental reports, advise clients, and supervision of the execution of all legal documents. Read More

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